What Does The Calligraphy Say?

What you are looking at is a side of the art of calligraphy that is rarely seen: what calligraphy looks like when calligraphers are practicing their art. All of our prints are meant to celebrate calligraphy as an art form, so we decided to focus on this aspect of the process of calligraphy on our clothes. That means that no actual words are formed, and of course that also means that there are no Qur’ānic verses or hadīth on these prints.

Sizing and Fit

Our pieces are designed to have a structured fit and feel, similar to a fitted dress shirt rather than a traditional tunic or qamees. We have a size guide available so please refer to that before ordering. We do recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit, and staying true to size for a more dress shirt like fit.


Our pricing is based on a few factors: quality of materials, attention to detail, personal expression, and last but not least: small production. Apart from the added costs for a small production, when you purchase a piece, you are purchasing 1 of 100 pieces.

There only exists 100 pieces in the world (plus 1 that Saad Tasleem makes and wears himself), and only those 100 will ever be sold! This design will never be reproduced and sold again.

Order Time

Normally we will be shipping out your purchase within 2 weeks of your order date.


We offer free returns within the US for up to 15 days. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us at: orders@saadtasleemcollection.com and we will work to either replace your item (depending on availability) or offer you a refund.